Join Us Or Is Your Soul Already Gone

I see you
Before you see me
I've been
Where you are
And its a tragedy
So don't tell me

That I don't
You think
You're the
Only one

But when its all
Said and done

You're just
One of millions
And beaten down
For no other reason

Than to empower
Others whose
Souls have already
Wasted away
And have been

Left with a big
Black hole
Where their
Heart should go
So stop feeling
Sorry for yourself

And join the ranks
Stand with us

The outcasts
And rebels
Get back up
And start 
Fighting back
The choice is yours
But if your not
With us
Then you are
With them
And no longer
Will we put up
With the likes of those

Who think nothing
About anyone else
But themselves
The revolution is coming

And our time is now 
So, are you with us? 

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