Societies Child (Hollow Eyes)


You see the world

Through hallow eyes

While you greet society

With a soul

That is nothing more

Than a big black hole

And a lie

Of a smile 

You fake

Your way with
Day to day
While pretending to be
The person
You have always
Been told
You were

Supposed be

Who you were 
Told you were
Meant to be

All while living

In a world

That never once
Gave you

The freedom to
Figure out
Who that was

For yourself 

Your soul
Now has
Become cold
Nothing but
A numb
Black hole
You try to feel
As there is
Just nothing there
As you rise and start
Another day
Being nothing short of

And nothing more than
An idea of what you
Should be
Instead of
Who you truly are
You are societies child
And my dear
You have fallen

Much too far




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