The Rebels In The Shadows


We are the ones

Who hide in
The shadows

Yet are where
The truth
Does dwell

The ones you


Not to see
And yet are
The ones

That you need

In the end
To set you free
The rebels

The dreamers

The ones
Who actually know
How to think freely
The outcasts 
Who thrive
On thinking


Than they 
Have been
Always taught
To think
The ones who
Will fight
For what 
Is truly right
Of listening 
To the lies
That everything
Is just fine
The ones who know

That true freedom
Will never come
From conformity
You know
The ones who
Have the ability
To actually

For the better
Change things
The ones who
Should be heard
But aren't
Because thanks to you

Daily into the shadows
We do go
Pushed aside
And forgotten
Like we are
A bunch
Of nothing
But tell me 
When you finally
Realize that it was
Us all along
You needed
Will you even
Where for us

You need to look
Or will you too
Be lost in the
Of the shadows
You have forgotten
You created 


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