Hail To The Revolutionaries

We are the 

Peace seekers

Sickened by

What we see

In a society

Whose madness

Goes so deep

Its infuriating

We are the rebels

Fed up to hell

With being told

Who to be

We are dreamers

Tired of being

Told what to dream

We are the 

Freedom fighters 
Who will never
Stop fighting

Until the freedom
We seek
Is finally seen
We are the
The believers

Who stand by
Our belief's
Even if it means
Standing alone
We are the silent

Who wish to be

No longer
Who will now
Take our stand
And be heard
Despite of
What you may do
And we are the revolutionaries
Who are more than ready

To start a revolution
Sorely needed
And long time coming

Yes we are the ones

Here to bring change
To try and save us all
If that upsets you

We appologize
For in truth

All we are trying to do
All we are here for

Is to try and
Change the world
And make things better

Hell someone has to
So why not us 

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