Come Dance With Me Under Blue Moon Light

Come my love
Step into the light
Of this tonights
Blue moon light
Feel the magick
To us she does send
Hear mother nature
Calling to you
And see the wonders
Waiting for you

Around every corner
Marvel at the splendor
Before your very eyes
As around you
The night
Does come alive
As this promises
To be 
Quite the night
Yes come my love
Join me in dancing
By the fire
Under a moon
That comes but once
Every three years
And come my love
My dear
My darling
Soak her magick in
And enjoy her
While we are lucky enough
To have her
Come dance with me
Here tonight 

Under the glow of
Magick full moon light
And let go of all
The hate,
And madness
Plaguing you
For they matter not
Here tonight
Just you and I

The moon shining
So bright
As all around us
There is a magickal glow
One we seem 
To glow right 
Along with it
As we dance now
Under her light
We smile
For we know 

That from now
Until morning light
For once 
Love wins
As we dance now
Until the new day
Does begin 
And we start again

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