Time To Escape The Insanity


See the insanity

Feel the pain

Of a planet

Going up

In flames 
Down is up
And up is down
Problems so profound
There is no sanity
To be found
Or truth in
The lies
All around
Yet not once is heard
The sound
Of the voice
A hidden agenda
Trying to fight
Against what 
They know
Isn't right 
With no end insight

To the madness
Before my eyes
I am met with

One hell of
A choice
Go with the crowd
And live with being someone

At the expense of being
Insanely wrong
Or stand for
The truth I see
And live alone
As an outcast
Someone who
Just doesn't fit in
All for the sake
Of being and
Fight for what I know
In my heart is right
I shake my head

At my predicament
And step out
Of the shadows
Make my stand

And shout
Out loud
Yes I have made
My desicion 
Too late

To go back now

I stand up
Stand proud
And for once
Flash the most
Incredibly real

And proud smile
As my next move
I think about
In my mind
Right before
I strike
With a gleam
Never before seen
In my no longer 
Blind eyes 

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