We Must Stop Being Complacent

Society has become

Far too complacent

The world is 

Falling apart

And we're

Just letting it

Because we
Have all been
That either we shouldn't
Or that we couldn't
Fight against
All the wrong
That is happening
We have to
This lie
Do ourselves
And our fellow man
A favor
And stand up
And fight
For what we know
In our hearts
Is right
Instead of just
What we are told
By the blind
Is right
We have to see
Passed corrupt
And see for
What is right
And once we finally
See that light
We must fight
Until the battle
For what is truly right
Is finally won
The time
To sit back
And do nothing
Is over folks
It's time to fight
And not stop
Until finally
A better tomorrow
Is seen 
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