Looking Out My Window I Shake My Head

Looking out the window

At a world in chaos

Shaking my head

At how far

We have fallen


If we will 

Ever understand

The damage

We have already done

That cannot 

Be undone

And finally care

Enough to

Fix the damage

That can be 

Wars still raging


Still winning

The nameless

Still dying

With no one

Victims of
A justice system
Less interested
In justice
Than it is
In profit
And at the hands
Of the corrupted police
The system would
Rather us not see
And know about
Innocent as can be
But what do they care right
All while endless wars
Keep raging on
Day and night
With really
No end ever
In sight
Its so frusturating

And anger inducing
It makes you want
To shout
But when you do
The people who
Need to hear you
Never do
While the cries
Of an infuriated public
Fall on deaf ears
Once again
Looking out
My window
With tears in my eyes
I shake my head again
Wondering how

Those in power
Can be so willfully blind

To how wrong they are
I hang my head
And say a silent prayer
That just pours out of
My broken heart
Begging anyone
Up there who may
Be listening

That soon
Our society
They will be fixing 
Because for much longer

This way we really
Cannot just go on
Something soon
Has got to give

And with any luck
For everyones sake
Finally will 

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