We Must End The Chaos


Stepping out 

Of the darkness

And into the light

I join the fight

To make things right 

Tired of hiding 

In the shadows

Time to make

Myself known

Silent for 

Far too long

Into the chaos

I now jump

And stand strong
Against the 
As I speak out for
Freedom, tolerance,
Love, peace,
And acceptance
Of differences
That should be

Not fought 
And killed over
Told to stand down
And silence myself
I stand firm
For my belief's
And fight to
Give a voice 
To voiceless
While no longer
Just putting up
With bullshit

And the pointless
Arogance and hatred
That has run 
Our society
Into the very ground

It is destroying
While denying
Doing so
We are all
So gone
We can't even see it

And while we are
Blaming each other
For everything
It all just seems

To be getting worse
To the point
Where I just can't

Take it anymore
I can't and won't

Stay silent
A second longer
Has to jump
Into the chaos
And stand up
Why not me

Hell why not you
And I don't want to hear
Any I'm just me
What can I do
Stop kidding yourself

You and I both know
There is plenty
You and everyone else
Can do

So do it
No more excuses
Figure it out

And do it
This chaos
Needs to end
And folks
It needs to end
With us
All of us
Before it's too late
And it causes
All of us
To fall 


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