Be The Good Not The Evil In Society

Be generous

Not greedy

Kind not mean 

Gentle not


Open to ideas

Instead of 

Closed minded 

Willing to admit

You still have much

To learn 

And be willing 

To learn

Instead of being cocky

Nobody knows 


We aren't 

Supposed to

But we are 

Supposed to

Keep learning

Keep striving

To be better people

And keep striving 

To make things better

For society

Instead of 

Screwing things up

With hatred

And greed 

The search for power

We don't deserve

Let alone need 

Because society

In all honesty

All we ever 

Truly need 

Is a fair shot,

Someone we can

Count on 
Love and
A lot of patience
Because without
Any of that
Trust me society
No matter what
You think
We got nothing 

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