Reality Or False Truth

Is reality really

What you

Think it is

Is it really

The truth

You are seeing

Or is it just

What you have 

Been told to see

Are you seeing 

Through eyes

Open wide

With vision

That's clear

Or with eyes

That are blind

With vision

Distorted by 

Hate, greed,

And lies 

Are you 

A lone wolf

Who sees 


For what it is

Or are you a sheep

Following blindly

Whatever it is

You have been

Told to believe

By those whose eyes

Are so distorted

Even they

Believe their

Bullshit lies

Before you answer

That question

I beg you please

To remember

That it is never

Those who 

Follow blindly

The path of conformity

That ever for the better

Change anything

But rather those

Who dare to 

Break away

From the sheep

Of society

And be the lone wolf

Who is not afraid

To stand up

Even if it means

Standing alone

For what they know

In their hearts

Is right

So I ask you

My darling 

Please tell me

Do you see

Through the

Distorted eyes

Of the sheep

Of conformity

Or through the 

Clear and wide

Open eyes

Of the lone wolf

Who is willing 

To stand alone

For what
They know
Is right

Even when 

Those around them
Don't seem to

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