Johnny Depp, A Rare One Indeed

Johnny Depp

A true

Hollywood hero

Dressing up 

As Jack Sparrow

And visiting

A chidrens hospital

Just for the sake

Of making those

Childrens day

And for the day

Helping their worries

Just fade away

Cancelled a full day

Of filming

Just to make

Those kids happy
You could teach
A thing or two
To your fellow
Because if
Is doing the whole
Fame thing right
It is certainly you
You made sure
To visit everybody
Even those
Who were stuck in bed
Greeted them
With love, hugs,
And all the respect
In the world
While happily

Making them all laugh
You are a rare one
Johnny Depp
I will give you that
A one in a billion man
That the world is beyond
Lucky to have



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