No Longer Silent Or Oppressed

A renegade

And full blown rebel

Told to sit down

And stay silent

I instead stand up

And speak up

Shouting louder and louder


To be heard

Threatened with


For said actions

I laugh and say

Bring it on

For I know

Full well

I have been

Quiet far too long
And will remain so
No more
For I have seen
The damage
The conformist
Have done
And of any 
Of it 
I will 
Have none
No longer
I refuse now
To ever again
In the prescence
Of the evil
Of a world

They have made

Too damn compliant

And compliant
No longer
I take my stand
And shout out loud
I will not be ignored
I will be heard
I will be me

Yes I will be free 


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