Appreciate The Here And Now

Be someone
Who takes
The time
To appreciate
The world
Around you
Instead of someone
Who wastes
Their time
Chasing and

Wishing for
The type of life

Of others
So much so
That they forget
To enjoy the life
They do have
While they
Still have it
Time is a 
Precious illusion
Whose truth
Often eludes us
We spend so
Much of it
Dwelling on a past
That can no longer
Be touched
And worrying 
About a future
That hasn't even 
Happened yet
That we forget

To enjoy
The only time

That is true
The time 
Of now
So I beg of you please
Let go of the past
And stop obsessing
Over the future
Focus instead
On the 

Here and now
Greet each day
With a smile

And make 
Every second
Worth your while


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