We Are In This Together

Don't tell me

You understand me
When you don't
Even know me
Don't tell me 
You know me
When you have 
Never even 
Taken the time 
To do so
Don't tell me
You know 
What I am 
Going through
When you have never
Taken even
One step
In my shoes
Do not tell me
How to live my life
When you aren't
Even close 
To having 
Your life
Together either
Do not judge me
Or question
My decisions
And I will not
Judge you
Or question 
Yours either
We all have
Our own
Crosses to bear
And we should be
Supporting each other
Helping each other
Instead of comparing
Ourselves to others
And telling each other
What to do
We are all
In this together
And it's about time

We acted like it

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