Imagine No More Stereotypes

Imagine if

We stopped 

Worrying so much

About stereotypes

And labelling people

And for once

Finally cared

More about


Of character
Than the color

Of someones skin
What gender
They were born
To love
And what religion
They were all about
What job they worked
What their income was
And what their 
Social status was
Imagine if 
We saw each other
For what we truly are
Scared, confused,
Lost individuals
Who are all, 

Hell if nothing else
Just straight up human
Just like everyone else
Whether we like it
Or not
Who feel
Are the same
On the inside
And need 
The same things
Of anything
How much better
Things would be
If we actually
Took the time

To see these things
And in response
Took the time

To at least try
To make things better

For everybody 

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