Blessed Be To The Moon And The Sun

Blessed be to the moon

That does light

Our way 
And watch over us
At night
The moon that which

Barely has
Any glow at all
Compared to
The sun 

That still
Gives it all
To be seen
And to be used
By the weary

And dwellers

Of the night

Just searching for
A place atleast

For the night

To call home 
Yes blessed be
For being a 
Peaceful one


That can bring calm
To oh so many
And blessed be
To The sun
That seems to go
Above and beyond

Just to get

It's job for us 
Said and done
The one
That shines
Or at least tries to
Rain or shine
 May we remember

To take some time

To appreciate it
And all it does
And for once
Not take it's planet
Our planet

The only one

We will ever have

For granted
As we always have
But never should have 

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