Question The Motives Of Those In Power

When it comes

To those

In power

You will be

Bombarded with

These promises

Then with those promises

And every


Will tell you


What you 

Want to hear

But in reality

Mean none

Of it
Sure yes 

Every candidate
Knows how to
Talk a big one
But when it comes

To getting things done

All they care about

Is what works
The best

For them
What gets them
The most power
The most control
Of everything
And what gets them
The most green
Which is exactly
The bottom line

Money is power
And power is money
And that is all
They care about 

 Just remember that

The next time
You hesitate
To question
Someone in power
Just because
They know what you
Want to hear
They are and always  will be

Lying to you 

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