Mob Mentality In Society

A corrupt society

With a mob mentality

And we wonder

How it is

That we

Have fallen into

Such insanity 

Wars fought

Just because


Want to

Fight them


Made out of nothing

Mountains proudly

Made out of

Mole hills

And used as


From the problems

That actually matter

People trying

To feed the homeless

Being told no permit

No food

Or face

A ridiculous fine

Yet said state


A ridiculous amount

For local sports

Because feeding people

Means less

Than a 

High School


But what 

Do we expect really

Welcome to the U.S.A

Where that

Sort of thing

Means everything

And the hungry 

Be damned


Rules and all that

Bull shit

But hey

We get our sports

Thats what 

Matters right?

There we go folks

The best case 


Of what a mob mentality

Does get us

Worst case?

Yeah that would be

Yet another innocent

On death row

Which seems

To happen



Where is our

Angry mob

For them

Where are we

For them

When we know

We should care

Come on people

Tell me

What the fuck

Happened there? 

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