RIP Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee 
An incredible 
Man indeed
With a carrer
So amazing
And a life

So well lived
It's crazy
He was a favorite

In Hollywood
Among many
And will be missed

Quite dearly
An actor 
With talent

You couldn't help
But get sucked in by
Truly a man
Who was
Larger than life
Whose brilliance
Did shine brighter
Than even
The sun 
In the sky
How could anyone
Not love this guy
From an iconic Dracula

And a Star Wars Sith Lord

To Lord of The Rings
And several movies

With his dear friend
And my idol
Johnny Depp
His fans 
Could never get enough

It sucks like hell
That he's gone
But his legend

Will surely 

Live on
So rest in peace

Christopher Lee
Thank you
For the amazing memories

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