Mother Nature (Do You Hear Her)


Take a walk outside
Behold the wonder

Of the beautiful sight
Right before your eyes
Comliments of nature
Feel the warmth
Of the sun
The cool breeze
That surrounds you
Listen as it
Lets the trees speak
As it rustles
Its leaves 
See its majestic creatures
As they go about their day
Take a moment

To admire the flowers
And give them a smell
As comfort
Their scent
Does send your way

Yes take a look around you
And enjoy the wonders
That you see
But also take a listen
For while

Beauty and comfort
Nature does bring
She is also crying
Begging for us to listen
To her pleas
As she begs
For us to take
Better care of her
And to stop destroying her

Through our hatred, wars, and greed 

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