For Things To Get Better You Must Believe

To truly see
The world

You must look
Beyond the
You have been
Taught to see
And learn to see
The magick
And truth
That does exist
Behind it
To truly
What man
Is is capable of
You must let

See past

What is
See what
Could be
And believe in it
Whole heartedly
Believe in it enough
To work and fight
For it
And never
Give up on it 
For what could be
Never comes
To those
Who give up
Because to
Give up believing

Is to give up hope 
And to give up hope
Is to allow yourself

To become a mindless
Shell and a sheep
Who is blind
With no real
Sense of identity
Of your own
That only knows 
How to follow
But through hope
You find your true self
And can make things better

Simply by being willing

To believe that better
Is indeed possible

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