We Need To Treat Each Other Better

Maybe instead
Of fighting
For religion
And power
We should start

For each other
And focusing

On treating
Each other better
Because, lets face it

The way we treat
Each other

Is a sin in itself
And we have

More or less

Fought ourselves

Into a living hell
That instead of better

Always seems to
Be getting worse
And sad part is
We defend it
We need to

Stop doing that
It isn't right

And we know it
Yet we go along
With it
Because that is
What we let
Others tell
Us to do
We need to
Stand up
For what we
Truly believe in
Instead of
Just going with
What we are told

To believe in
Because if nothing else

Going with it
Is how we got
To the hell
We live in
And it's a hell
That has no chance
Of ending

Until we finally

Stand up
And end it ourselves

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