Why Humanity Has Gone To Hell

The way

The world

Acts towards
Each other
Is both sad

And atrocious
At best
Facebook friends
And twitter followers
Around the world
We think we know them
But really don't
So connected
Yet still
So alone

And it's sad

That we just
Don't see it
Children acting

So disrespectful
So many blame
The parents
For not being hard enough
On them
When in reality
It's the parents


The kids are learning
It from
People running
The world

Like they are

To everything
When in reality
They deserve nothing
Yet we see
None of this
And just spend
So much time
Judging those
We don't know
Either because
We don't know them
And don't even wish to
Or we don't understand them
And refuse to learn from
Instead of hate them
There is so much

And finger pointing

It drives me crazy
And yet
We wonder still
Why the world

Is trapped
In so much
We all seem
To have an opinion
On everyone else
And who they should be
But have no sense
At all of our
Own true selves
And who we
Really are
My God society
All this this
And yet you still wonder

Why humanity
Has gone to hell

Wake up
Please society
I beg you
Just wake up

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