They Are Me And I Am Them

I get the stares
I feel the glares

From people

Who think
They know me

As I'm walking

Down the street
So many looking
But none can say
Its really me

They're seeing
But thats ok

Because it's
Not really them
They are portraying

To the world
The truth

They hide
Behind their eyes

They think
No one can see
I see clear as day
Because bottom line

They can fool
But they
Can't fool me
I see them all
As clear as can be
They think they're better
But I know better

Because behind their eyes

In the truth
They think
No one can see
I see and understand

That they are

No different

Than me
Hopes and dreams
Dying to be seen
But the fear
Of what others think
Yes now I see
That our differences
Are now just
And in reality

In the end

Despite what makes us
They are just as much me

As I am them

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