My Fellow Outcasts, You Are Not Alone


To all of those
Who see the world
Who feel
So lonely
If you are
The only one

Fear not
My friends
My brilliant
Like minded outcasts
For you are not alone

You never were
It only seems
Like you are
Because the world
In general
Is afraid

To go
Against the flow
And admit

They see
Things differently
Just like you do
But guess what
They do
Yes they really do
Just like you
So those like you

Those like us
Who sit alone

In the shadows
Reaching out
For anyone
Within reach
Believe me
When I say
Fear not
My friends
For there
Are those of us
All over the world
Feeling just like you do

Reaching out to
And understanding
Exactly how you feel
So no
You are not alone
Not really
For if nothing else

You will always have

Brothers and sisters
All over the world
Wishing they could

Meet you too

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