The Powers That Be (We Should Have Known Better)

I spoke to God today
And he had
This to say
Ashamed he was

At what we have become

And what
We have done
Using power
That wasn't
Ours in

The first place
To take lives

That weren't
Ours to take
This shit
He says
Is driving

Him insane

But hey
This promise
He did make
For those
Who participate
In the death penalty
State sanctioned murder
No matter

How you look
At it
A place in hell
He will make sure

Just for you

The devil
Will make
Extra special
Extra hellish
Just for you

Who should
Have known better

But choose not to
Because you
Actually thought

You didn't have to
By the way
Also spoke

To the devil today

He says
Thanks to the bullshit

You pull
The hell you put
Innocents through

And taking lives
When their end
Just is not
Up to you
He says

He just can't wait

To see you

Yes he is
Expecting you
All of you
And anyone
Elses fault
It is not

No the fault
Is yours
And yours alone

And yes you do
Deserve it

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