Be A Warrior

Be a warrior
A dreamer
Peace seaker
Be willing

To be a fearless
For the earth
For yourself

For every
Of the world's
Hate, greed,
And insanity

Be a true warrior
One that fights

For truth
And justice
For the purest
Of reasons
Without greed
Or a hidden agenda
One that will fight
To save someones life
Without wondering
What that person

In turn could do for you
One that will
Fight for the world

And the people in it

For the sake
Of doing the
Right thing
Instead of
For profit
One that will
Make a stand
Fight for change
But care not
If given credit
If those changes

Yes be a warrior
With a pure heart
And for all the
Right reasons
Instead of greedy ones
And maybe
Just maybe
We might
Just give
Society and

Mother Earth
A fighting chance
For once

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