The World Is Crying

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The universe
Is calling
For you to
Step up
And do something
About all the hate
Wars and killing
That has left
The earth
As in our
Destructive ways
It is she we are destroying
The universe
Knows something

Must be done
Before this
Planet of ours
Is no more
Animal species
Wiped out
By hunting
And poaching
By a society

That is too caught up
In its hatred
And greed
To even care
About the harm
It's doing
To itself

And the planet
On which we are living
Yes the universe
Is calling to me

And to you
To step up
Be heard
And fight back
Against the insanity

That has left
Mother earth
Because something
Needs to be done
And it needs to be done now
While we still have

A chance and a planet

To call home

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