Alone I Sit And Strength I Find Under Full Moon Light

Alone outside

In the dead of night
I sit in the darkness
That feels


And familiar
To me

Surrounded by
That intrigue me
And memories
That haunt me
And egg on
My soul
To because of it

Betray me
And become
Once again
My enemy
But when
It comes to that
The haunting
Are now
Shit out of luck
Because my soul
Is so much
Stronger now
Than it
Used to be
And I refuse
To let it fall
So far
Ever again
So do your worst
Hellish memories
And those
Who will
Never stop
Being bullies

But don't expect it
To me actually mean
A fucking thing
Because while you
Are wasting your time

Doing that
I will be here
Admiring and drawing
Magick and strength
From the full moon
Above me
That never fails
To empower me


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