Do You Care Yet

Stop son
Listen now
Can you hear them

The screams
The moans
The begging
Of those
Who so
Long ago
It seems
Were victims
Of yours

yes it was
Oh so
Long ago
Now it seems
Do you even
You didn't care then
But have since
Grown up
At least somewhat
As a person
Tell me
Do you care now
Or do you
Still make
For the pain
That you caused
By being
The bully you knew
But they didn't
Do you care now
Or have you
Not yet

Figured out
That you both

Do and always did
Deserve better
Have you
Figured it
Out yet
That the bully
Who to you
Was the bully
You were to me

Was just as wrong

As you were
When it came to me
Have you
Risen above it yet

As I have
Or in the insecurity

You gave to me
Are you now

Even now
As an adult

On some level
Still drowning

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