We Must Follow The Free Thinkers In Order To Survive

There are
Free thinkers

Who see truths

That far too many

Simply refuse
To believe in
Who know
That things
Can get better
And dream of
A type of world
Most see as
Who are
So fed up

With the bullshit
They are fed
They can't help
But rebel
And fight back
Any way
They possibly can
But their reasons
For fighting back
No matter what
You think
Are not

Or destructive
In nature
No it is more
And simple

Than that
They rebel
To see
The change

That is far over due
Yes these people
All exist

And with great purpose too
And if you ask me

It's about time

We let go
Of the stifling belief's
Of conformity

That try to silence them
Free ourselves
And join them
Because like it or not
They are fighting
For our benefit

Isn't it about time

We were too
And must finally
Be done

If this game of life

Society wants
Any chance
Of surviving
Let alone winning

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