Stop Willfully Living Blind

Eyes open wide
But a mind
That will only
Let you see
What you
Have been
You should see
Of what
You are missing
And the truth
You should be
But are willfully
Of seeing
You keep on
Fighting the
Wrong people

And falling
And wonder
Why things
Keep getting worse
Open your eyes
See past
The bullshit
You were told
To see
And for once
Allow yourself
To see the truth
Right in front of you
People like you
Who limit
Their point
Of view
And do the things

The horrible
Hateful things

That you do
Are exactly why

Things keep
Getting worse
And that
It is up to you
And hell really all of us
To make it right
And the way to
Start doing that
Is to stop
Living blind
And working
Together to fix
The hard truth
Of what the world
Really is
That is daily
Staring right at us
Waiting for us
To do something about it

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