Break The Misery Loves Company Cycle

Encourage others

Inspire them
Not bully them
Lift them up
Instead of
Knocking them down
Feed their soul
Fill them with

Hope and
Instead of

On sucking

The life
Out of them
With negativity
Why bring
Down anyway
I know misery
Loves company
But still
If you know
How it feels
Why would you ever
Want someone
To feel that pain too
When they don't
Deserve it
Than you did
With all
The pain
And violence
The world already
Like a disease
That just keeps

Where is
The logic
Of spreading it
Just beacue
You think

It will make you
Feel better
When in your heart
You know it won't

Break the cycle
Instead of hate
Spread the love
That for which
You are looking
Help those
Who like you
Are hurting

And see
Just how much
In the end
You also
End up
Helping yourself

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