Banning Is Never The True Answer

The banning of books
The banning of
The written word
The banning of
A work of art
The banning of
An expression
Of the artists soul
The banning of music

Sub cultures even
The freedom
Police strike again
Looking to
Take control
Of situations
They have no
Reason to
Be a part of
To begin with
Just so they can label it
And try to control it
Through fear
And lies
We have been
Through bullshit

Like this before
History is riddled
With examples
Of us banning things
To supposedly

Make things better

But all it has ever done
Is make things worse
And even worse still
It makes so called criminals
Out of people who
In reality have done
Nothing wrong
This madness
Has gone on
Long enough

We need to
Stop banning things
We don't understand
Just because we have
An irrational fear of them
Or just simply want to
Control people more
Seriously enough
Is enough

This shit has to stop

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