Why Waste Your Life

Everyday just seems to serve

As a reminder
Of how far
Society has fallen
I watch
The hate
The pain
The destruction
Day after day
On my tv screen
And I just feel so much
Like giving up
But I know
Thats not an option
So I keep going

Because I know
I gotta keep fighting

And trying to inspire
Others to start
Building up
Instead of
Beating down
Gotta keep
Trying to get
People to come together
And work as one
To get things done
Because just imagine
The amazing things
That would happen
If only we took
The time to find
Some common ground
And acted on it

For the greater good
Of the planet
And everyone on it

Because we get but

One life
To live
And make a difference
With it
And if you ask me

Its about time

We stop wasting our lives
Ruining things with hate
When instead
We could be
Fixing them
With love

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