Tolerance And Acceptance Make The World Better

People of the world
Listen up
Pay attention
I am to teach you
About a little thing
Called acceptance
And about
Both of which
Do go
Hand in hand
Because without one

The other one
You can never
Hope to have
To accept
You must first
Learn to tolerate
The differences
Around you
Only by
Doing that
Can you then
Learn to accept
And only through
Can you hope to learn
From others
And only through learning

Can you hope

To grow as a person
So people of
The world
I beg of you
Stop dwelling
On what makes us
See the truth
In what our differences
Have to teach us
Learn to tolerate
Learn to accept
And learn to allow
Yourself to learn
From all those around you
Because if you
Do that
There is no end
To what you can do

With the knowledge
Shared to you

By others you were
Once to pig headed
To learn from
In the first place

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