The Thing About Truth

That thing in life
Always thinks
They know
But in reality
No one really
Has a clue
Thats because

If nothing else
Truth now a days
Isn't about
Truth at all
But rather

The perception
Of it
The perceived truth

Of what we have
Been told
And the blindness

To the real truth

We are then shown
That is sadly
The truth
We live in
We believe

Word of mouth

And hate talk
With little to no
But when the truth

Is there plain as day
For us to see
Right before
Our very eyes
We seem
Far too blind
And suspicious
To even consider

Believing it
So we follow the lie
Because that is how
The crowd is thinking
And seem far too happy
With living a lie
We won't even

Let ourselves see
Anyone else
Deeply disturbed
By this
Because I sure I am

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