Why The Labels And Stereotypes?

Hated and
Watered down
Society has been
Straight to hell
Told who we are
And only seen

For what
Others have
Been conditioned
By others
To see as
The truth
So we can be
Seen as weaker
Than we truly are
Just to make

The actually weak
Feel and seem strong

While with lies
They try

To maintain
A level of control
Of everyone

They possibly can
But to what end
Yes please tell me
What the point is
If not greed
And insanity
Because I just
Don't get the point

Of labeling others

Just to try and make
Them weak
Just so you can live
A lie of a life
To have power
Being something
You just are not

All because you

Just do not

The strength
In who and what
They are

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