Feed Strength and Starve Fear

Feed your strengths

That inspire your soul
Starve your fears
Force them
To relinquish

To your heart
And let your
Spirit instead
For once

Take over
And make sure
It's lead
You do

At least
Try to follow
For it is

What truly

Knows more
Than you could

Possibly understand
Or see
Where exactly

Life is supposed to
Be leading you
So to the hatred

The bullshit

And the lies
Do yourself
A favor
Make yourself
Too blind to see it

Enough to have an effect
On you
Because that effect
Will always be
Nothing but
Focus on
The positive
And let yourself
Keep going

Because even if

You don't believe it
You do have a purpose
And to find it
You need only to learn
To feed your strengths
Starve your fears
Believe in your heart
And let your soul
Lead you to
Exactly where

You are meant to be

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