Mother Nature


Mother Nature
Yes my dear
Earth mother
I cry for you
I worry for you
I fear for you
When I look
And see
What society
Has done
And does do
To you
So much pollution
Some of which
We even try
To justify
As a another problems
Like fracking
Dangerous as hell
But they claim its safe
Just to release

So we can extract
Natural gas
Which we need

Is what they
Will argue
Plus it creates jobs
Never mind

The the damage
It has already done
And continues
To do

To the land
And the drinking water
That sometimes becomes

So toxic from it

You can light it on fire
Then there are
Those who litter

And those who just
Do not care
Those who will
Destroy nature
Just so the greedy

Can put up
Resorts for
Others to come
And enjoy
The nature

They have already
And then there
Are the poachers

Who see no harm
In poaching
A species

To death
As long as
They make bank
Beautiful creatures
Dissapearing from
The face of the earth
And her beautiful
Ocean waters

Of man
Because we just
Don't seem to get
Or care about
How big the problem
Really is
Add all of that
To the wars
We are fighting

That are not only
Killing man
But also the planet

Man calls home
And we have
One hell of a mess
And for your sake

My dear Mother Earth

Yes my dear earth mother
I hope we get our acts
Together and change soon
Because all of this
Abusing you
Is just killing you

Faster and faster
And I fear that soon
To do anything
In the hopes of helping

It may already be
Far too late

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