The Time For Change Is Now

The world has gone crazy
Society fighting
Over things
They only think
They truly believe
Acting like sheep

The powers

That be
Who have us convinced
That out for us
They are looking
When in reality

All that they do
Is in greed 
So many games
We are playing

And it is our own games
We are constantly losing

While convincing
We are winning
Yes it seems

That even to
We are lying
So many wars
With nothing
But selfish
Reasons to fight for
And each one fought
Is just a promise
For more
In the future
So much hatred
Misguided souls
Blame holy books for
And hide behind
The disguise
Of freedom
Of religion
It scares me
How much we
Should know better
The world

Is a mess

And we are all
To blame
So no more excuses

We can't afford
Them anymore
The time for change
Is now 


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