We Must Stop Complaining And Start Helping

Right now
On the planet

Is a person

So badly

They are drowning

In their life's insanity
Right now
There is someone
Crying silent tears
While hiding in fear
Praying for someone
To come help them
Some where
Right now
There is someone

Who feels
So invisible
Every fiber
Of their being
Is screaming

To for once
Be seen
Right now
There is a child
Living on the street
That is so hungry
They spend their days
And nights crying
As they slowly

Die of hunger

And yet their cries
Never seem
To be heard
And everywhere
Right now
There are people
Who could stand up

Fight for and help
These people
But choose
Not to
While having

The nerve
To complain
That not enough
People are actually
Helping people in need
Hey news flash society
You are people
And you are capable
Of being the ones
To help
You just have to
Get off your asses
And do it
No more excuses
This is too important
For excuses
Just stop complaining

Get the fuck up

And do something
It really is
As simple
As that


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