Who Are We To Say Whose Normal Is Ok And Whose Isn't

What is normal
And what
Does it mean
Is it really

That hard
For society

To accept
That what is
Normal for
One person
May not be
For everyone
We all

Have differences
So what
Those differences
Make us human
Not less human 
Some people
Are short
That is their normal
Some people are tall
And that is their normal
Some people like dramas
And some like horror movies
Some are preppy
Some are goth
Some like country
Some like rock 

Some believe in one thing
And others believe in another
Some are a different race
Than others
So what
Why does it matter
Why do we
Even care
So much
And who gets
To decide

That it matters

And who gets
To decide
Which different normal
Is ok and which one isn't
And why should that
Even get to be a thing
If one persons difference
Isn't ok  
Then why should
Another persons
Get to be 

The preppy normal
Is ok
But the goth one
Not so much
The Christian normal yes
But the Pagan one
Again not so much
Then of course
There are the
Differences in
Race and sexual preference
Trying to keep
Track of it all
Which normal
Is ok or not
Is giving me 
A headache
Come on society
I mean really
We can
Over complicate
The hell out of this

Yet we can't see
That we would all
Be better off
If we accepted 
Each other

And treated 
Each other 
As equals
Does that 
Make sense 
To anybody
Because it sure
Doesn't to me

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