Always Be Open To Learning

You know what
They don't teach
You in school
But they

Really should
The fact that
Even after you

Are finished
Going to school

You should
Always keep


That is what
Life is
One big
Never ending

And what
They may also

Never teach you
Is that with a

Closed mind
Blinded eyes
And hateful heart
You really won't learn much
Because the greatest lessons
Are often the ones
Taught to you
By those who are
Different from you
Even those
Hell especially those

You may have
Been wrongfully told
Were beneath you 
Because of what
Makes them different

You know why?

Let me let you in
On a little secret
Those people
Are often the ones

Whose lessons
Teach you

The most about
And help you
Find your
True meaning
A meaning
You would never find
If you gave up
On learning
From the world
And refused
To learn from
Certain people
Just because of
Skin color
Sexual preference 
Where or what
They come from
Or religion 
Just remember that
If for no other reason
Than for your own sake
The next time
You have the urge
To hate someone
You just don't

When you have the
To instead make
A new friend
And learn from them 

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