See Through, Rise Above, Bring Change

See through 

The lies

Behind which

Society hides
Yes see
Right through 

The worlds



And throw

Your own


To the side 

For there is nothing

It can do 

But hurt you

By allowing you

To foolishly

Follow in
The foot steps
Of societies sheep
Those who
Are just too
And weak
To question
What needs 
To be questioned
Rise above
Being just
Another sheep
Stand up
To those
Who lead
With greed
Be the one
Who dares
To challenge
What is
And challenge
The world
To fight for
And see
What it truly
Could be
And when
The powers
That be
Try to get you
To be quiet
About any of it
Tell them
That you refuse
To live any longer
In silence
Because society
Is falling
Faster and faster

And it's about time
Someone honestly
Tried to change that 

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