A Justice System That Knows Nothing Of Justice


Corrupted cops
Witch hunts
Who care nothing

For the actual victims
Only about what
A conviction
Can do for them
Career wise
Cases that
Are fixed
From the inside
Angry lied to jurors
Out for Vengeance
Against the wrong person
Who sadly have no problem
Voting for an actually
Innocent man to die
And even judges
Who are less
Than impartial
And sadly society
This is actually
A step up
From what 
Even 50 years ago
It used to be
It may be
At the moment

The best system
We got
But let's face it
Even in America
Our Justice System
Is one that has 
Never truly
Really known 
Or much cared
What justice
Really is
And we really

Need to find
A way to

Fix this

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