There Once Was A Girl

There once
Was a girl
Who just wanted

To fit in
She said
And liked

All the right things

Wore the right clothes
And tried to
Be what everybody

Considered normal
She was sure
That for once

It would all
Make her popular
But somehow
The harder
She tried
The more
She became

The schools
Laughing stock
She just couldn't

Figure it out
Even her parents
Who didn't even
Really try
Were no help at all
So desperate
And alone
She sat in her room

Ready to end it all
Waiting for
Just anyone
To care

Enough to call
But that call
Never came

And when in school
Her death was announced
The next day

Suddenly the
Student body

Decided to care
Wishing they
Had been
Better to her
That it was
Too late

But it didn't have to
And doesn't have to
Be that way
Bullying can kill
And does more
Than you know
Don't be like these people
Don't act the way

They did to her
And about
People like her

Don't hesitate
To let them know
That at least yes
You do
Actually care
You never know

When you may
End up being
The only one
Who for them
Is really there

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