The Most Important Thing In Life

When it comes
To what's important

In life

What life
Is really about
What makes

Life worth it
Gives life

Any meaning
What so ever
At all
What it all
Truly boils
Down to
As being

The most
Important thing
The answer
At first
Seems very simple

But at mankind's core
Is actually
Anything but
Is in fact

For some insane
Far more
Than it should be
That answer
Is of course
It breeds life
Breathes life
Into our

Very souls
Makes us
Feel alive
Makes us
Feel invincible
It is the rawest
And truest feeling

And animals

Can ever have
At its surface
There is nothing

Really complicated
About it
It is man
That makes it
With rules and shit
And maybe its time

That for once

We stopped
All of that
And just let
It happen
The way
Nature intended
And let ourselves
For once
Truly enjoy it

Before we
End up
So far gone

We forget
All together
How to feel it

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