I Will Not Stay Silent

No more silence

No I will not

Be quiet
No more
Sudo peace
For in which
The culprits
To hide
Its about time

For the corrupt leaders
And assholes
In our corrupt
Justice system

To be brought
To the very justice
They are handing down
To those who are
And nothing more
Than victims
Of witch hunts

Which those
Little shits
Seem to live for
I know not

Is innocent
But enough who are

Have been given
A raw deal
And have been
Screwed over
For being
Nothing but
Who they are
And I'm sorry
But even one
Is far too many

So no I won't
Keep quiet
I won't be silent
Its time
For these pieces of shit
To finally be held
For the shit
They do to people
Just because


Lets them
Get away
With it

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